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Preparing for your Installation


Thank you for purchasing your new floor from Kring’s Interiors. We want you to love your new flooring, so we’ve prepared a guide that will help you prepare and know what to expect during the installation process. Please take a few minutes to read this information, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us!

We train and supervise the progress and professionalism of all our installers, so you can be sure we bring only the best into your home. They will take special care of your home furnishings. Please move your fragile belongings before the time of installation.

Please be sure to have your home temperature at a minimum of 65 degrees during the installation process. This will ensure that new flooring is protected.

We know how much people love to display their crystal, porcelain, china, and other breakables in their cabinets, hutches, and on top of tables. But this may interfere with your installation, so we ask that you remove anything that may fall during the installation process.

Pictures, low wall hangings, and floor-length draperies may interfere with the installers’ movements. So please remove draperies or tie them back at least 36” from the floor.

The removal of old flooring is often necessary. Kring’s Interiors can provide this service with charges based on the amount of time spent on the job. If you are interested in Kring’s Interiors taking care of the removal of you old flooring please discuss this with your sales professional before the time of installation so our installers can be prepared.

Closets and storage areas need to be cleared, and long-hanging clothing needs to be removed so that there is a 36” space above the floor to enable the installers to work freely.

We will gladly handle the moving of your regular furniture during installation. This service can be arranged through your Kring’s Interiors sales professional. Some items that require special handling include: aquariums, waterbeds, grandfather clocks, console pianos, entertainment centers, TV’s, stereos, and other electronic equipment. All electronic equipment must be unhooked before the time of installation by the homeowner. The homeowner is also responsible for hooking back up all electronics after the time of installation. Our installers can move these items, if scheduled in advance. Please note that pool tables, grand pianos, and wood stoves must be moved by professionals and should be coordinated prior to installation.

Some appliances may require special handling. Arrangements for disconnections and hookups of gas appliances, commodes, or alarm systems should be made prior to installation.

At Kring’s Interiors, you can expect your floor covering to be professionally installed on schedule. However, on very rare occasions, the date or time may need to be changed due to circumstances beyond our control. The prompt and professional installation of your floor covering is always a top priority at Kring’s Interiors!

In addition to Flooring America’s installation warranties, you’ll find specific manufactures’ warranties pertaining to the products you have purchased. Please read this information carefully, as it contains specific limitations to warranty coverage as well as care and maintenance procedures required to avoid invalidation of some warranties. Keep this information together along with a record of the cleaning procedures performed.

Unfortunately in our scope of work there are several unforeseen details that may require additional labor. These may include but are not limited to.

  • DOORS: After your new flooring has been installed, it may be necessary to trim the bottoms of some doors in order to accommodate possible changes in height. If this is necessary you will be notified by your Kring’s Interiors sales professional and additional costs will be gone over at that time.
  • FURNITURE: Please note that pool tables, grand pianos, and wood stoves must be moved by professionals and should be coordinated prior to installation.
  • PLUMBING: Occasionally we run into situations where there are unforeseen problems that would not be noticed until the time of your installation. For example when we pull your stool we may notice that the existing stool flange is broken and will need to be replaced before we can reset it. As soon as any additional labor is noticed you will be notified by your Kring’s Interiors sales professional and at that time will have the option to coordinate your own plumber or we can coordinate one for you.
  • FLOOR SQUEAKS: Any floor squeaks you may have in your subfloor can be screwed down for an additional charge. We do not guarantee that this will permanently resolve the issue. If that is something that you do want taken care of please talk with your Kring’s Interiors sales professional prior to your installation so our installer can be prepared.

At Kring’s Interiors, we want our customers to be happy with their floor covering purchase. We offer some of the best warranties in the industry so that we may bring you satisfaction. Should you have a problem with your new floor covering, please notify us immediately so that we may take the necessary steps to resolve the problem.


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