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Luxury Vinyl Tile in Lawrence, KS

Luxury Vinyl Tile Lawrence KS

Get your money's worth with luxury vinyl tile flooring from our remodeling showroom. Luxury vinyl tile floor is popular for its reasonable prices. However, our affiliation with the nation's top flooring company enables us to receive lower rates on our flooring and pass the savings along to you. Add more value and functionality to your interior with the help of our versatile and wide-ranging selection of products. We make it easier to create a home that matches your specific design goals, while also saving you time and money. We are also available to complete your luxury vinyl tile installation. 

The manufacturing process itself is one of the reasons luxury vinyl tile floor is so inexpensive. You are not paying prohibitive prices for stone tiles or wood planks. Instead, you are receiving the look and appeal of natural materials with our sensible prices. Contemporary manufacturing methods allow luxury vinyl flooring to successfully replicate the look and feel of other materials. As a result, your interior design efforts are more flexible and adaptive to your specific needs.

However inexpensive luxury vinyl tile flooring is, let us assure you we are not scrimping on quality. With today's technology, the manufacturing process is so improved that the luxury vinyl you buy is as pretty as it is practical. In fact, these products use sophisticated technology and quality materials to comprise beautiful, long-lasting flooring.

Luxury vinyl tile is built to last. Layers of non-porous and resilient materials combine to make a comfortable surface that is pleasant underfoot and keeps its temperature throughout the changing seasons. As a result, the distinct feeling underfoot makes every step a pleasant experience. Likewise, the non-slip surface is also resistant to spills and stains. This makes luxury vinyl tile flooring a sensible selection for high-traffic areas, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Flexible Customization with Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring is a strong and popular choice for active households. It also provides the opportunity to make your home unique and beautiful. Tile can be cut into different sizes and shapes to accommodate different designs and patterns. It is also available in a wide selection of colors to allow a wealth of customization options. Our sales representatives stay current with the latest trends in the luxury vinyl tile flooring industry and we frequently rotate our inventory for a constantly fresh selection. As a result, there is something new to discover and try out when you design your next remodeling project.

From traditional designs to innovative releases, expect great variety and value when you visit our full-service showroom. Our team is more than happy to direct you to trusted brands and popular designs to spark your imagination. Create a fancy checkerboard pattern or bold tessellation. At our store, you are able to channel your creative energy to explore your options. We are with you every step of the way.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring Quality Guarantee

At our flooring store, you are assured of exceptional quality and affordability. We back up our products with our Ultimate Confidence Guarantee (tm). This means, we are so confident about our luxury vinyl tile flooring that we provide you with exceptional warranties, giving you complete peace of mind when buying new flooring through us.

For example, if you are not satisfied with luxury vinyl tile flooring, you have 30 days to tell us about it, and we replace it no matter what the reason. Within 30 days, if you find luxury vinyl tile or planks for less than you paid through us, we reimburse you the difference. That five-star flooring that you bought from us must make you completely happy; otherwise we replace it. That includes any labor costs associated with our expert installation services.

 Hassle-Free LVT Installation

No matter how beautiful those vinyl tiles are in the store, they are less so with cracking and buckling from poor installation. Ask our professional installers to do custom work on your home. Our team is available for stress-free luxury vinyl tile installation. We turn your designs into reality. Let our team come directly to your home at a time that is convenient for your family to perform every step of the installation process. From initial measurements to cutting the vinyl into the proper shape, we take care of the hard work so you don’t have to. We are dedicated to swift, efficient installations, cleaning up everything after we are done and leaving you with nothing other than beautiful new floors.

Our crew offers you knowledge, experience, and training in laying your new luxury vinyl flooring, beginning with the preparation. One of the keys to excellent installation is taking the time for proper preparation. In addition luxury vinyl tile installation comes with a lifetime guarantee. If you ever have any problems with the installation, our crew comes to your home to fix it to your satisfaction.

Contact us today to floor your house with both the beauty and cost-effectiveness of luxury vinyl tile flooring. We proudly serve property owners throughout Lawrence, Kansas.


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