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Pet-Friendly Flooring in Lawrence, KS

Pet-Friendly Flooring in Lawrence, KSDogs, cats, and other household pets are hard on floors. When choosing flooring for your home, keep your furry friends in mind while ensuring your floors look beautiful. Our experts advise you on the ideal resilient flooring if you have pets, and our selection of stain-resistant carpet options and sealed flooring ensure your floors last many years. Whatever the special needs of your household may be, you can depend on our company for premium and affordable pet-friendly flooring in Lawrence, KS.

Regardless of your needs and design preferences, we have the perfect pet-proof flooring for you. Some of the flooring materials we carry include:

Water-Resistant & Easy-Care Flooring

There are three main causes of floor damage from pets: scratching, staining from water spillage, and damage from urine. The essential feature of pet-friendly flooring is its stain resistance and durability. For the ultimate in easy maintenance and affordability, if you prefer a hard-surface floor, we recommend laminate or luxury vinyl floors (LVT). Laminate is one of the most affordable resilient flooring options and comes in a variety of styles to match any existing décor. For areas where your pet often plays, laminate floors are excellent solutions when you need a durable yet attractive and scratch-resistant flooring surface.

Luxury vinyl flooring is practically impervious to water. At the same time, because it has several layers of protection, vinyl withstands staining and scratching from your pets. It is also quieter underfoot than laminate, muffling the sound of foot traffic, allowing you to sleep peacefully at night even if your pet is roaming about. Investing in LVT allows homeowners to easily replace single tiles that are damaged. Best of all, they are now available as planks, which look and feel like hardwood or tile. We carry a wide variety of vinyl and laminate from brands such as:

  • Downs
  • Naturcor
  • PURstone
  • Spotlight Values
  • Floorcraft

Carpet remains the most popular and affordable flooring option, but not all carpet is pet-friendly. We carry waterproof and stain-resistant carpet that is ideal for households with pets. Best of all, we have many styles and colors available. Another option to consider for carpeting is carpet tiles. If an individual carpet tile becomes stained or dirty, it can be removed and cleaned or replaced without the need for full re-carpeting.

Pet-Friendly Floor Installation

Pets are tough on hardwood flooring because it is highly susceptible to scratching. Most varieties of hardwood are easily stained by urine or water spills that are left too long. However, there are some wood flooring options that are as pet-friendly as they are eco-friendly. For instance, you may want to consider bamboo. It is one of the most durable floors at an affordable price and very easy to maintain. In addition, cork flooring is naturally hypoallergenic as well sound absorbing. It reduces the echoing noise of a barking dog.

When you’ve decided the type of floor you want, whether wood, carpet, vinyl, or laminate, allow us to install it for you. We offer affordable rates, excellent discounts, and guaranteed excellent results.

Contact us today to find the best flooring option for you and your pets. We proudly serve Lawrence, Eudora, Baldwin, Ottawa, and Perry, Kansas, as well as the surrounding areas.

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